24Sejf was founded in 2017 by specialists with vast experience in security and personal assets protection sphere. Their knowledge allowed to create a special place for people who want to keep their savings, documents and other valuables in a special way.

24Sejf guarantees absolute safety of your valuable objects. Our facility is designed based on the latest and time-proved technologies in this sphere. 24-hour safety is provided by permanent paramilitary security on site.

Another pillar of security is insurance policy in PZU S.A. It provides insurance of our facility and all property inside it.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality. The fact of boxes rent and their content is known only to client.

24Sejf is a brand new vault established for the clients’ convenience.

Access to the boxes is provided 24/7 without any additional payments.

There is a parking lot with video monitoring in front of our office for the convenience of our clients. We offer services on the highest level and with simple rules.

24Sejf – we protect the most valuable things.